Indis is an intelligent disassembly framework. The primary goal for indis is to provide facilities for analysis of binary files. The plan is to provide a highly extensible object model for binary contents with support of reversing back up to C-like code.

Indis consists of a core gem, that unifies all the different target formats and architectures (which is a pretty hard task for now, when I’m focused on Mach-O ARM targets only); format processing gems (like Mach-O), that provide support of loading the specific binary format and collecting generic info about it (stuff like virtual map of sections, symbol references, etc.); and cpu processing gems (ARM for now).

Source Code

You can find the gems source at GitHub.

API Documentation


See the archive for updates on the project.

Show me some output!

Why, here you go ;)

% bin/indis-dis app-arm-release.o _main
000021b4 e92d40f0	PUSH	{r4, r5, r6, r7, lr}	
000021b8 e28d700c	ADD	r7, sp, #12	
000021bc e1a05001	MOV	r5, r1	
000021c0 e1a06000	MOV	r6, r0	
000021c4 eb000388	BL	0x2fec	; branch_to_sym: _objc_autoreleasePoolPush
000021c8 e3011324	MOVW	r1, #4900	
000021cc e3401000	MOVT	r1, #0	
000021d0 e1a04000	MOV	r4, r0	
000021d4 e79f1001	LDR	r1, [pc, r1]	
000021d8 e3010360	MOVW	r0, #4960	
000021dc e3400000	MOVT	r0, #0	
000021e0 e79f0000	LDR	r0, [pc, r0]	
000021e4 eb000381	BL	0x2ff0	; branch_to_sym: _objc_msgSend
000021e8 eb00037c	BL	0x2fe0	; branch_to_sym: _NSStringFromClass
000021ec e1a01005	MOV	r1, r5	
000021f0 e3a02000	MOV	r2, #0	
000021f4 e1a03000	MOV	r3, r0	
000021f8 e1a00006	MOV	r0, r6	
000021fc eb000375	BL	0x2fd8	; branch_to_sym: _UIApplicationMain
00002200 e1a05000	MOV	r5, r0	
00002204 e1a00004	MOV	r0, r4	
00002208 eb000376	BL	0x2fe8	; branch_to_sym: _objc_autoreleasePoolPop
0000220c e1a00005	MOV	r0, r5	
00002210 e8bd80f0	POP	{r4, r5, r6, r7, pc}

Build Status

Integration Tests (indis meta gem)

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Build Status


Build Status


Build Status


This project is distributed under the terms of GPL-3 license.